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IT developments

Pjotrs Sevelovs
Transport development
Pjotrs Sevelovs

We provide IT solutions for commercial and governmental sectors in order to improve performance. A’TUIN is supporting implementation of cutting edge electronic data exchange solutions in logistics that ease to process information and optimize clients’ performance on the market. As well as we recognize that the cyber risks become more and more topical, especially within maritime domain, as ports continue to move from “paper and fax” use to the extensive use of ICT. As part of the migration, the ports are now recognized as key infrastructures and a link in international trade and logistics. Any disruption to operations have a huge impact on the global “just in time” economy. Ports are only a piece in the global logistics supply chain, but vessels also play a significant role.  ICT becomes prevalent on the open seas. Besides communications and navigation, ICT allows vessel owners to place sensors on key “systems” to look for cost effective ways to operate ships at sea. Therefore, we believe that through our dedication, expertise and professional attitude we are able to offer optimal solutions and manage and optimize clients’ performance by being step ahead in technology world.

Pjotrs Sevelovs
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