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Port agency

Anna Cernova
Port Agency
Anna Cernova

Having long-term experience in the field we are pleased to offer 24/7 services. Due to our expertise we are able to provide ship-owners and charterers ships service ensuring fast and efficient handling of their cargo and ships. We provide our services in the main Latvian ports – Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Skulte, Salacgriva, Roja and Mersrags and other European ports as well as Ukraine:

For all kinds of vessels:

  • General cargo (container, bulk, ro-ro);
  • Tankers;
  • Passenger vessels and cruisers;
  • Navy vessels;
  • Offshore constructing vessels;
  • ROV and survey vessels;
  • Supply vessels;
  • LNG tankers;

Main services (not limited):

  • Processing of ship formalities;
  • Arranging the pilot upon approach, and departure or in roads;
  • Reservation of berth in port;
  • Arrangement and management of stevedoring;
  • Proceeding the customs clearance procedure for cargo;
  • Arranging of ship supplies;
  • Crew change arrangements;
  • Bunkering services;
  • Arranging technical and running repairs;
  • Proceeding legal aspects;
  • Cargo planning;
  • Health care services;
  • Waste management;
  • etc.

As a member of International Transport Development Association we are able to provide global ship agent services to our clients electronically, facilitating ship reporting formalities by converting any kind of data format for any Maritime Single Window according to the requirements of International Maritime Organization towards National Single Window (NSW) and European Union legislation - Directive 2010/65/EU to facilitate and harmonize reporting formalities for ships arriving in and/or departing from ports of the Member States as well as third countries. International Transport Development Association has developed special software to convert any kind of data format to submit shipping formalities electronically into NSW, ensuring one stop shop reporting. The reporting can be executed on-board ship by ship Master by using autonomous reporting tool or sending by e-mail prefilled structured excel spreadsheet. The aim of the solution is to optimize clients’ costs by improving formalities processing and ship turnaround in ports.

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Anna Cernova
Phone: +371 28 701 281, e-mail:


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