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Logistics/Port expertise

Pjotrs Sevelovs
Logistics/Port expertise
Pjotrs Sevelovs

Keeping in mind fast changing legal framework, market dynamics and complexity of transport domain, we expertise in:

  • Shipping safety and security including ports security auditing and security plans;
  • Environmental issues related to shipping and port operations, green shipping;
  • Ballast water and waste management;
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies;
  • Business planning and KPI setting;
  • Business process analysis and reengineering, business effectiveness;
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • Know-how and state-of-the-art software specifications and development to optimize processes within logistics and maritime domain;
  • Integrated and multimodal transportation solutions;
  • Project management and EU funding projects;
  • R&D.
Pjotrs Sevelovs
Phone: +371 26 731 044, e-mail:


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