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About US

Aliens Transport Union Integration Network (A'TUIN) is fast growing company from Latvia established in 2010, providing reliable logistics and port expertise services to commercial and governmental sectors in Latvia as well as on the global scale. The company is driven by the team of professionals and comprises expertise of maritime domain, logistics and supply chain management professionals in the wide range of transport matters starting from transportation services and logistical solutions to shipping safety/security and environmental issues.

The company combines expertise advantages with own track fleet and cooperates with partners across the world able to ensure fast and cost efficient freight forwarding solutions. Strong partnership with competent authorities and experts in different countries allows us to provide better services to our clients supporting them in any part of the world improving their performance on the global market.

Performing on the market successfully, our company has earned excellent reputation by its individual approach to each client which comes along with our mission to generate high added value and serve individual and high quality services towards sustainable business relationship with our clients.


Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative and reliable logistics solutions. We always step into our client’s shoes to take their satisfaction to the next level. We not care only about our clients requirements but also conduct all their transactions as if they were our own. This means our clients profits are the ultimate reflection of our success.

Our Team

Our recognition in the market and industry is the result of efforts to exceed our clients' expectations. We also admit that none of this would have been possible without the help of our trustworthy team. Each member of our team is well-versed with industry practices and brings their own mix of experience and creativity in achieving set tasks.

Creating solutions to suit different requirements of our clients at a competitive price is what our team does best. In our constant endeavor to better ourselves we are executing our performance reports and analysis to ensure we are on the right path in achieving our goals.

Our fundamental principles:

- We believe that time means money;

- We believe in making it right from the first try;

- We Ship Anything, Anywhere;

- We believe the race against time is real;

- We believe in working around the clock so you don't have to.

Since the beginning of our business, A' TUIN has rapidly expanded its presence in global markets through its own network of partners and experts across the globe. With these associations, we have expanded our presence in Europe and offer solutions to satisfy our clients varied needs. We have established strong relationships with various mediating partner organizations - rail, airlines, steamer lines, charter operators, government agencies and port and airport operations, thereby enhancing high quality of our service.

Building competency and commitment has been the primary pillar of success for A' TUIN. We have invested in building a competent team of professionals who are equipped with all the skills required to handle any type of logistical challenge and to provide clients with unique time and cost-efficient solutions. From road to rail and water to air, the team has advanced every mode of transport with equal zest, while maintaining speed and accuracy.

Commitment in the form of customer service, client sensitivity and a thorough feedback system speaks volumes about our team. State-of-the art web-based IT systems and our track and trace feature provides easy and quick data crunching and presentation and help our team reach you more efficiently with reliable information.

At A' TUIN, it is our promise to work consistently towards providing you with world-class service and solutions. Our team shall strive to utilize their expertise to customize logistics solutions for all your business requirements.

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